Experience the authentic Greek island holiday that you have been dreaming of on the unspoiled island of Serifos. Unlike its more famous neighbours of Mykonos and Santorini, Serifos offers a tranquil atmosphere with crystal clear blue waters, the aromas of thyme and oregano wafting in the air, and no crowds competing for the best sunset views. Visitors can relax on the beach without loud music, multi-coloured cocktails, and snacky dishes, and instead enjoy the local wines with dishes lovingly prepared by the taverna owners.

And if you are looking for the perfect place to stay on this idyllic island, look no further than the Nōstos Boutique Hotel. This 17-room sustainable hotel is located within easy reach from one of the island’s most beautiful beaches – Livadakia. What sets the Nōstos Boutique Hotel apart is not just its location but also its sustainable design. The hotel has been built using local materials and with the help of local architects and designers to give it a local personality with an international flair. The building had a previous identity as a family run pension by the “Ancient One”, the grandfather of the present owner, and has been converted into a chic hotel that focuses on lowering its environmental impact as much as possible.

The hotel’s owners, Harrys and Bianca, have implemented a two-fold strategy to reduce emissions and permanently remove any unavoidable CO2 emissions produced. This is achieved by investing in cleantech applications such as thermal building insulation, new AC systems, heat pumps, and solar panels on the roof with a net-meeting system. Additionally, the hotel has partnered with Swiss-based Climeworks to permanently capture, remove and safely store underground excess CO2 from the air, so it can no longer contribute to climate change.

The hotel’s architects, C-O Lab, based in Athens and Serifos, were chosen for their knowledge of the island and their ability to use design elements that have a story to tell. The hotel offers four different types of rooms, including maxi, cosy double, cosy triple, and mini, with a total of 15 rooms and two suites. The Maxi rooms even have Jacuzzis to add a bubbly feeling to your stay.

Whether you are a couple, a family, or a group of friends, the Nōstos Boutique Hotel is the perfect choice for those looking for an authentic Greek island holiday experience that is sustainable, stylish, and unforgettable. Book your stay now and get ready to fall in love with Serifos.

Source: Nōstos Boutique Hotel

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