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Nevada unveils its “Seven Weirdest Wonders” list

Travellers looking for a super strange or off-the-beaten-path trip idea, look no further. Travel Nevada has released its inaugural list of the state’s Seven Weirdest Wonders.

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Rocky Mountaineer

This Canadian train tops the lists of the most luxurious and the most Instagrammable

A new study by Club Med has revealed the most Instagrammable and the most luxurious train trips from around the globe. By analysing review and price data from Tripadvisor, Instagram, Pinterest as well as details from the trains’ own websites, Club Med came up with a score out of 100 for their Instagrammability and another score for their luxuriousness.

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When you’re ready to travel, don’t miss these incredible Philippines locations

From sandy shores to dreamy mountainscapes to awe-inspiring cities steeped in cultural heritage, here are some of the places worth seeing when you come to the Philippines:

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dog hotel

Revealing 12 of the world’s most dog-friendly hotels

Expedia dug through traveller reviews to identify the most paw-pular hotels around the world with the best array of dog-friendly amenities. Below are the 12 hotels that are sure to earn a stamp of approval from travellers and their furry friends.

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From ancient kombucha to smoked mackerel ice cream, Lithuania has some bizarre gastronomic delights to discover

Lithuanian summer is filled with the colours, tastes and sounds of seasonal food being gathered, prepared and enjoyed. The locals invite to savor the “pink soup”, the bizarre Lithuanian ice cream variety as well as a wide selection of traditional snacks and beer tasting tours enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

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Mint House at 70 Pine

Plan your next trip with Tripadvisor’s Travelers’ Choice list of best U.S. hotels of 2021

With a year’s worth of pent-up travel demand on the brink of bursting as summer approaches, Tripadvisor announced its annual Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Awards for Hotels, giving people the inspiration to turn their daydreams into real trips. Nearly half (45 per cent) of Americans in a recent Tripadvisor survey are planning to travel internationally this year, and 64 per cent are planning to stay in a hotel this year.

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