The world of wine is filled with excitement when, at the end of the summer, experts announce that the time has come to harvest. In September, the enthusiasm for harvesting grapes comes to life: after months of caring for the vineyard, oenologists and producers announce that it is time for the harvest. One place you may not have considered to enjoy the fruit of the vine is Spain’s Catalonia region. Here are some of the region’s highlights that should not be missed:

The harvest of CAVA: the Catalan sparkling wine

A festival that takes place in 15 emblematic wineries in the Penedès. Every weekend in September, activities are held between vineyards around cava, taking advantage of the harvest season. Experience the harvest when the sun rises, at noon or at dusk with guided tours and tastings of wines and Cavas, breakfasts, lunches and dinners among vineyards, walks, bike rides, yoga and many other special activities.

Penedès harvest festival

The wineries of the Penedès Wine Route welcome the most anticipated time of the year with “Picnics in the wineries” when they combine an outdoor vintage picnic with an activity in the vineyard. A total of 15 wine producers will take part with programs suitable for everyone who want to see and live up close the vineyards in their full splendour and the wineries at the time of most intense work.

Glamping between vineyards and astronomical observation at Llopart

Enjoy a night sleeping in a haima in the middle of the vineyards of the Llopart cellars, a dinner during the sunset and a walk under the stars accompanied by an astrophysicist. With the sunrise, have breakfast with the views of the vineyards and the mountain of Montserrat in this 100 per cent close and sustainable experience that combines the concepts of camping and glamour with the best food and wine quality.

Degvsta: wine pairing at Celler Forvm Avgvstvs

Gastronomic offerings from ancient Rome adapted to the taste of the 21st century. Hot, cold and sweet dishes for you to enjoy the best products and the beauty of this estate. Degvsta is more than a concept: from Forvm vinegars, Avgvstvs wines, and the hand of the renowned chef Jordi Guillem, they have created a proposal to discover the infinite applications of their products. A new way to discover ingredients, contrasts and flavours.

Here are 10 more reasons to experience wine tourism in Catalonia:

1. History. 2,500 years of vineyards and wine, going back to the Iberians, Greek and Romans.

2. Landscape. Sea and mountain. Mediterranean vineyards, along the coast, in the valleys and on the hills.

3. Wineries. Over 300 wineries which invite you to discover the secret of their wines and cavas.

4. Architecture. Heritage farmhouses, Modernist wineries and new wine architecture.

5. Prestigious wines. World-renowned wines and cavas.

6. Cuisine. Pairing wines with Mediterranean, traditional and innovative cuisine.

7. Barcelona. Wine tourism and multiple experiences in and around one of the most attractive cities in Europe.

8. Accommodation and specialized services. Gourmet hotels offering high quality accommodation, catering and tourism services.

9. A lifestyle. Sun, beach, landscapes, cuisine and culture. A region for all tastes and interests.

12 DO. 11 wine DO + DO cava. 600 wineries, 300 of which are open to the public.

Source: Catalan Tourist Board

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