SOVA “The Social Hotel” set for its summertime debut in downtown Dallas

SOVA Hotel in Dallas

A new type of hotel, fresh to the shores of America, is on the way and it is on the brink of openings its doors in downtown Dallas this May. Travel is frequently synonymous with adventure and SOVA Hotels has the singular goal of providing guests with more stories than anywhere else.

located at 2105 Commerce Street, this boutique hotel incorporates elements from all over the world and ties them together to offer a sense of community and comfort. SOVA guests stay in micro-rooms, and in exchange for smaller spaces receive luxurious elements sourced from around the world at a noticeably lower rate. Guests check in at the lively SOVA bar and are given recommendations and daily activities by the local “Travel Guides” on staff.

Developed by 27-year-old twin brothers, Blake Shirk and Brandon Shirk, SOVA was born out of the pair’s passion for travelling with the need to also save money. Noticing a gap in the United States. for such a hotel concept, they decided to start their own project, creating high-end, minimalist rooms amongst carefully designed, inviting group spaces. Every aspect inside SOVA tells a story, which is exactly how the Shirks envision each guest’s experience to be.

“What stories do you have from your life?” Asked the Shirks. “We would wager that many of the stories you share from past years are from your travel experiences. We want to help weave those stories and ensure that you have memorable ones with new friends.”

The SOVA team chose a location with walkable proximity to dozens of lively bars and restaurants, downtown hotspots, and the Dallas Farmers Market. Each room combines features from 50 diverse countries, offering a luxurious haven to lay down at night before taking on another day of adventure. SOVA will open to the public in late May.

Source:  SOVA Hotels

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