Shopping Antigua and Barbuda: A buyer’s guide to paradise

Shopping in Antigua and Barbuda is a can’t-miss experience of its own: the heavenly twin-island destination is as much renowned for their quantity of beautiful white-sand beaches as for their artisan goods. Besides the large variety of shops selling clothing, jewellry, and traditional goods, you will also see local vendors selling unique handmade items. Whether an avid shopper or just looking to bring something back for friends and family, Antigua and Barbuda’s diverse offerings of supreme souvenirs will not disappoint.

No idea where to start? No problem! We’ve curated a list of Antigua and Barbuda’s cool products, running the gamut from jewellry and clothing to food. You can’t go wrong buying any (or all!) the items on this list.

Antiguan Rum

Antigua Rum

Antigua and Barbuda boast their own world-renowned rums courtesy of The Antigua Distillery Limited located in St. John’s. From Cavalier Antigua Gold and White Rums to English Harbour 5 and 10-year Reserve Rums to Kokocaribe Coconut Rum, the Antigua Distillery Limited has you covered. Some rums are available in Canada, but for the full spectrum, a visit to Antigua & Barbuda is a must. Of special note, try the English Harbour 1981 Vintage, which was distilled in 1981 to commemorate Antigua’s independence. Aged for 25 years in whiskey and bourbon barrels before blending, this rum only has 600 bottles released annually. Truly liquid gold.


Antigua girls

Looking to bring the Caribbean back to your home? Madras is a fabric known for its plaid pattern and bright colours. During national celebrations, red, gold and green madras fabric is a main part of Antigua’s national dress. Antiguan linens typically have bright and bold colours, which help create a festive atmosphere. Visit The Linen Shop Antigua to find colourful textiles along with hand-embroidered tablecloths, runners and more.

Artists and their wares

A variety of artists make their homes here, from painters to photographers to potters and everything in between. The Rhythm of Blue Art Gallery is home to Nancy Nicholson’s finest potteries made with local clay. From bowls of all sizes and shapes, plates, unique lamps, candle holders, and so much more, there will be something for you. Each item is a work of art in itself as well as a great gift idea or memorable souvenir. Some of the more well-known places to buy pottery will let you take a tour of the studio, so you can get a sense of how it is made. There are many art galleries throughout Antigua and Barbuda displaying different mediums and techniques.

Straw Work

Explore the markets in the west end of St. John’s on a Saturday morning, or visit the Antigua Artisans Travelling Market. St. John’s Public Market on the southern edge of the city has homemade straw items which are popular local buys with the most common straw items being woven tote bags, baskets and hats. Not only are these straw goods unique, but they are also eco-friendly as well, allowing you to look cool while looking out for the environment.

Resort Wear Clothing

In Antigua, you can find all types of clothing, from casual resort wear to chic, designer high-fashion attire to add to your wardrobe. Wander through the many clothing boutiques of Heritage Quay and around downtown St. John’s for fancy finery or souvenir t-shirts. And everything in between!

Susie’s Spice

Antigua susie's hot sauce

Susie’s Original Sauce is an award-winning flavour that was created by Aunt Susie in her own kitchen. It quickly started to gain traction in Antigua and Barbuda and due to the increasing popularity, it has now spread around the world. Susie’s Original Sauce is known for its delicious taste and flavour and is excellent with any food! After 40 years, Susie’s Original Sauce is still known as “The Taste of the Caribbean.”

While vacationing in Antigua and Barbuda, there are some fantastic opportunities for those looking to shop until they drop! The one destination that rises above all others is Heritage Quay, an outlet mall with several duty-free stores, located in St. John’s. Whether you are looking for a new set of diamond earrings, a fancy new watch or designer bags, Heritage Quay will have something for every member of your group.

Be a part of the family when shopping at Heritage Quay


There are many family run businesses across Antigua and Barbuda, each prioritizing excellent customer service while selling fantastic products. Continuing the theme of jewellry, AMA Caribbean Gems Summer Savings is an amazing retailer, selling precious stones and gems as well as gold and designer silver. The business provides amazing customer service to its visitors, striving to leave a positive impression on every person who comes through its doors.
For a more general offering of goods, Sterlings Antigua has a wide variety of products at great and affordable prices. Sterlings Antigua’s vast selection includes more than 50 brands from Alex and Ani to Michael Kors. What’s more, Sterlings enjoys an Antigua-exclusive partnership with Pandora. Purchasing from these businesses is a great way to support the community of Antigua while buying lovely gifts for your loved ones.

Enjoy the finest jewellry of the Caribbean

Antigua has no shortage of jewellry stores including some duty-free for those looking to spoil themselves or their loved ones! Search no further than Heritage Quay if you are looking for luxurious and beautiful accessories. Feel like being your own James Bond? Antigua offers the beautiful beaches and all the martinis you can drink, but you will need the signature watch to complete the look. Abbott’s Jewellery & Perfumery has been in business since 1999, carrying brands such as Tudor, Omega, Gucci and is an authorized retailer of Rolex watches.

Women looking to acquire a new and shiny best friend should plan on paying a visit to Diamond International. An established retailer with more than 125 stores worldwide, Diamond International has a few locations in Antigua, giving visitors the unique opportunity to interact with a globally renowned store while lounging on beautiful beaches!

Designer clothes and handbags

Heritage Quay is also home to some amazing clothing and designer retailers, with stunning products for all who wish to shop. Cattleya Clothing Boutique has soft and beautiful linens for every occasion, empowering women to feel and look amazing.

Those looking for aquatic garments in Antigua will, predictably, be spoiled for choice. Sunseakers is the go-to spot on the island for all your swimwear needs. With designer brands like Billabong, Vitamin A and Ralph Lauren, Sunseakers has everything you need for a day at the beach. For more goods useful on both your current vacation and any future getaways, Longchamp Paris is the place to be. Longchamp is world famous for its soft and durable leather, designer luggage, accessories, and handbags.
Make sure to leave room in your suitcase for all these fantastic items, as after visiting Heritage Quay, you will definitely be leaving Antigua with more than what you came with!

Source: Visit Antigua and Barbuda

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