Ziplining Under A Canopy of Leaves at Pipestem Adventures

In the fall, the mountains and forests of West Virginia come alive with spectacular coloyrs, and the most exciting way to experience the fall foliage is ziplining through the mountains and over the gorges in southern West Virginia. Being the third most forested state, West Virginia provides a lush tableau of colours that are especially attractive to adventure travellers.

Imagine flying 300 feet in the air under a canopy of leaves. That experience becomes a reality at Pipestem Adventures.  As you zip from tree to tree you can see for a mile across the Mountain State. The cooler weather in the fall makes it the perfect time to zipline, and Pipestem offers breathtaking views as visitors sail on lines that cross over the Bluestone River Gorge three times at speeds up to 50 mph. There are 9 ziplines up to 1,700 feet in length.  Late September through the end of October is the perfect time to experience peak fall colours from the ziplines at Pipestem Adventures which are open until October 31.

Pipestem State Park is an adventurer’s paradise. In addition to ziplining, visitors can enjoy other adventures such as hiking, mountain biking, archery and skeet shooting during the fall season. As the forests explode with rich colours of red, orange and yellow, West Virginia’s beautiful vistas engage the senses with their visual splendor, the scent of the fall and the sound of the crunch of leaves underfoot.

Colorful Fall Foliage at Pipestem State Park in West Virginia

Among the prime destinations for leaf peeping is the state’s only National Park – the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve. The second week in October is the ideal time to view the colours in the most photographed and iconic sites in the state. During 6 weekends in September and October, serious rafters from around the world visit West Virginia to take on the challenge of whitewater rafting on the Gauley River.  During this distinct time of year the dam at Summersville Lake is released, creating guaranteed flow on the Gauley River. The river consists of 2 distinct sections –The Upper and Lower Gauley – and each is typically run separately as a full day trip.

View all of the Pipestem Adventures activities at  Pipestem activities can be booked by calling 1-833-WV-Parks (1-833-987-2757) or visiting  Some activities require advanced reservations and other considerations.

Experiences at New River Gorge National Park and on the Gauley River can be explored and booked at or by calling 800-787-3982.

Source: Pipestem Adventures

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