Quito is one of the key destinations for wellness tourism in Latin America


Located at the middle of the world, Quito is a magical destination surrounded by the exuberant nature of the Andes, where the greenery of its forests and mountains meets the charm of its locals, ancient customs and rich history.

Travellers who are looking to unplug, should discover and enjoy the new experiences Quito offers that stimulate the improvement of physical, mental, and spiritual health all while appreciating the beauty and natural attractions that Quito offers to the world.

To get you started, here are some of the places where wellness tourism truly shines in the Ecuadorian capital:

Hacienda Jimenita

Hacienda Jimenita Wildlife Reserve, located 30 kilometers from the center of Quito, in the parish of Pifo, offers its visitors the chance to discover the unexpected. In turn, providing a unique experience full of culture, surrounded by nature and majestic volcanos that guard the history of their ancestors within. A breezy walk along its trails is accompanied by a yoga session within its greenery, ideal for establishing direct contact with mother earth. This is an invitation to escape one’s daily routine, on an island of nature, where the connection of the senses with the environment is synonymous with well-being.

Tandayapa Bird Lodge

Tandayapa, in the northwest of Quito, offers its visitors the perfect combination of nature, gastronomy, and relaxing activities such as yoga, pilates, and dance therapy. Named the ‘access point for observation of native birds’, Tandayapa is a tourist attraction to not only explore the cloud forests of the valley, but also see the diverse fauna of the area. Here, travelers can enjoy experiences focused on ancestral rituals with endemic flora, activities that are carried out by the local community.

El Cráter Spa

Ancestrally recognized for its healing energies, this spa has a breathtaking view of the Pululahua volcano, and it’s a few minutes away from the Middle of the World monument, a symbol of natural and architectural beauty. This place offers treatments inspired by the elements of nature, an ideal stay for those visitors looking for moments of relaxation and appreciation of the scenery.

Yumbo Spa and Resort

A romantic hotel and spa located 90 minutes from Quito, in the heart of the Choco Andino (declared by the UNESCO as the seventh biosphere reserve of Ecuador). It houses orchids and hummingbirds which represent a treasure and gift to humanity. This is a spot that cannot be missed on a tour of Quito.

Hostería Alemana

Situated in the tourist corridor of the Middle of the World, it is the ideal place to enjoy family time with lodging services, restaurants, a pool, sauna, Turkish baths and hydromassages. Tourists find this a perfect place to intertwine their senses and travel to their most intimate thoughts through the practice of yoga and dance therapy.

Source: Quito Tourism Board

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