Our globe watch makes us dream of travel

We’re all travellers here at Jet Set Generation so when we look for merchandise to offer on our site, we look for things that we love, because we know other travellers are going to love them too.

One of the first things we fell in love with is our Globe Travel Watch. By travellers’ standards, it’s not a practical item that you’re going to use to calculate time zones or time your scuba dives, but that map face and little airplane second hand that circles the globe speaks to us.

When you wear this on your wrist, it tells the world that you love to travel and it always attracts attention. Before you know it, you’re swapping travel tales with a complete stranger and it all started because they noticed your watch.

You can choose from a variety of coloured straps, so there’s one that appeals to everybody and judging from the user reviews, the battery-powered quartz watch is a hit with men and women alike.

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