Most people have no idea that there is a 3200-year-old ancient town near Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Nessebar. Bulgaria

This year, like many others, thousands of Еuropean tourists will choose Bulgaria for their summer vacation. The beaches of Sunny Beach have traditionally achieved the global “Blue Flag” standard of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and attract tourists with their white sand and clean water.

Many tourists have a lot of fun and enjoy the entertainment Sunny Beach has to offer, but they don’t know that the southern part of the resort lies on the peninsula of the ancient town of Nessebar. It originated more than 3,200 years ago and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The town was inhabited at the end of the Bronze Age, and according to legends, it’s the birthplace of the author of fables Aesop, who is of Thracian origin.

To this day, parts of the fortress wall of the peninsula, the churches, the remains of the Mesembria fortress, an authentic windmill and houses where the local people live, remain intact.

“A thousand – year history marks each step in the ancient town of Nessebar – legendary battles, victories, losses. Preserved archaeology and artefacts are invaluable. Entrance to Old Nessebar is free for tourists, and there, in the very heart of town, you can be accommodated in boutique houses at low prices,” explained Ivan Dashev, who was born and lives in Nessebar and is the owner and operator of Food Market Chain which supplies food and drinks to local hotels and restaurants.

Near Nessebar there are sand dunes, which are in the cadastre of natural phenomena. Among the rare and protected by law plants are the Sand Lilies and the Sea Watling Street Thistle. Everyone can see them live in their natural habitat.

In 2022, the South Beach of Nessebar was also “Blue Flag” certified, the world standard of cleanliness.

Fans of luxury can choose Sveti Vlas for their holiday. The resort town is located to the north of Sunny Beach. Boats of the highest class are moored in the marina of Sveti Vlas (StVlas), and the restaurants in the area offer five-star entertainment.

“On the territory of the Nessebar region, the tourists can be amazed by a variety of experiences. It’s a complex of sea, forest, ancient history, top entertainment and a proper hotel base found in very few countries. People who prefer more secluded and peaceful places also have a choice. The town of Obzor and the village of Ravda offer excellent accommodation, family restaurants and clean beaches with lots of fun for the children,” added Dashev.

Younger tourists definitely remain huge fans of Sunny Beach, where nightlife competes with the world’s most famous destinations.

There are plenty of water sports and attractions, and prices are the lowest in Europe. Besides the large beach, the hotels have swimming pools, aqua parks, tennis courts, and playgrounds for various sports. Excursions by land, sea and air are also available.

Sunny Beach is surrounded by mountains and forests, making it a unique place with clean water and air.

Burgas International Airport is located 27 km from Sunny Beach, and there are hundreds of flights to and from European cities daily.

“All the towns and villages in the region are ready for the summer season. Last year, tourists were able to see for themselves the safety and peacefulness of the area. They had a carefree time and went home happy, tanned and relaxed. This is what makes Bulgaria an attractive and desirable destination for European tourists, “concluded Dashev.

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