The island of St. Martin is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches, beautiful sunsets and unique Caribbean culture. This island paradise exudes love as St. Martin is the perfect spot for you and your loved ones to make unforgettable memories. For a more intimate and romantic trip, travellers should consider staying at a dreamy and secluded villa for two. Villas offer guests the chance to indulge in the same marvels of the island without the need to interact with large crowds of people. Take a look at some of the most romantic villas St. Martin has to offer!

Villa Thi Majaste

Photo courtesy of 100% Villas

The first villa on the list is the beautiful Villa Thi Majaste, overlooking the magnificent Anse Marcel beach. The villa is ideal for couples celebrating their honeymoon, offering the perfect balance of intimacy and luxury. With every room having an ocean view, the property offers guests the chance to swoon with their loved ones as they watch the sunset over the horizon. In addition, this villa offers an ample living room space, opening onto a terrace and private pool. What is great about this property is that the beach is a quick ten-minute walk away as well as restaurants and groceries.

Villa Sunrise   

Photo courtesy of 100% Villas

Imagine you and your partner out on the town in St. Martin for a magical romantic evening. You try out a local restaurant that has sublime food, you then head out to grab a drink, and finally dance the night away creating lasting memories. As your festivities are coming to an end, you realize the sun is about to come up, and you take in all of its bright glory. These are the experiences waiting for you when you stay at the Villa Sunrise. Located on the side of a mountain, the property, which overlooks Orient Bay and St. Barths has an unrivalled view of the sun as it rises over the ocean. The property features a modern touch with three bedrooms and refurbished furniture by some of the best designers – perfect for a couples’ getaway. A five-minute drive from some of the best beaches and restaurants on the island, Villa Sunrise is a great romantic spot!

Villa Bamboo

Photo courtesy of St. Martin Sotheby’s Realty Luxury Villa and Condo Rentals

Moving onto Villa Bamboo, this property is pure magic and is sure to ignite a spark between you and your spouse. The open concept villa has an extravagant living space, with an amazing view of a private pool from the front door. Designed with space in mind, the floor-to-ceiling doors disappear into the wall to maximize room and to welcome in that lovely St. Martin ocean breeze. With two large luxurious bedrooms, designer furniture and oversized walk-in showers, the Villa Bamboo is an excellent location for a couples trip. The property is also the perfect combination of secluded yet accessible, with some amazing culinary spots as Baie Longue Beach and Baie Nettle’s new restaurants; Mezza Luna, Le Sand and Dreams are just a quick drive away!

Villa Nid d’Amour

Photo courtesy of St. Martin Sotheby’s Realty Luxury Villa and Condo Rentals

An accurate description of its French translation, this “Love Nest” is located on the side of a hill, with the views truly encompassing the entire island of St. Martin. On one side, you have the mesmerizing Marigot, the French capital of the island, and on the other, the sublime island of Anguilla. The property also has a heated infinity pool which aesthetically flows into the ocean, as if you were a mere step away from being in the Caribbean. People say the heart of the house is the kitchen, which is fitting as this kitchen will have you in love by dinner. The elegant French-style kitchen is accompanied by a grand marble high top, a perfect place for a romantic candlelight dinner!

Villa Falaise des Oiseaux


Photo courtesy of St. Martin Sotheby’s Realty Luxury Villa and Condo Rentals

The perfect spot for a couple of love birds, Villa Falaise des Oiseaux is located right at a mountain cliff, offering a spectacular view of the ocean. Long-lasting partnerships are constantly evolving to keep the romance alive, which is mirrored at the Villa Falaise des Oiseaux as it has recently been renovated! A long veranda covers the outdoor terrace of the property, with large glass doors sliding open to let that bright St. Martin sunlight into the house. The warm sunlight enhances the white linen furnishings as well as brightening the brand-new kitchen!

Source: Discover Saint Martin


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