Discover the original Swedish places that inspired Ikea product names

Every day people recline into the Ektorp couch, have “fika” by the Ingatorp table, and light a Hemsjö block candle to spread some coziness and cheer on a dark fall night. These, at times, funny-sounding Swedish names of well-known products did not come out of nowhere. There is an entire world behind them, or rather an entire country – Sweden.

With the campaign “Discover the Originals” Sweden wants to ignite interest in the destinations behind the products, and, with a touch of humour, show “the originals” – the places behind some of Ikea’s better-known product names.*

“In Sweden, we are proud of IKEA. In a sense they have helped us make Swedish places world-famous through the names they borrowed for their products. Now we want to show the originals behind the product names and invite the world to discover the beautiful locations behind those names,” says Nils Persson, Chief Marketing Officer, Visit Sweden.

With its varied and spectacular natural environment, generous right to roam, rich culture, and long history, Sweden offers a smorgasbord of destinations and memorable experiences. The campaign presents 21 places where one can visit everything from Viking monuments to picturesque towns, castles and silver mines; with activities from white-water rafting, to dog-sledding, fly-fishing, and ice swimming.

One such place is Lake Bolmen, located in a scenic corner of the province of Småland, not far from Agunnaryd where IKEA’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad, grew up. Here, visitors have ample opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous natural surroundings, canoe, hike and bike on trails, or pick mushrooms and berries. As a part of this campaign, the destination of Bolmen is launching a new slogan: “Bolmen – more than an IKEA toilet brush.”

Bolmen, Sweden
Most people know Bolmen as a toilet brush sold at Ikea, but it’s actually the name of a real place in Sweden.

“We do appreciate that IKEA has named a product for our beautiful lake and that Visit Sweden is bringing global attention to this. But now we would like to show the world that Bolmen is so much more than an item with which you clean your toilet. It is an incredibly beautiful place, much loved by us locals. We would like to invite the whole world to spend time in our wonderful, unspoiled natural environment, showing the same care we do, and enjoy the crystal-clear water,” says Magnus Gunnarsson, Chair of Smålands Sjörike and municipal council member in Ljungby.

Other examples of places highlighted by this campaign include:

  • Järvfjället in Lapland, which offers grand outdoor experiences including hiking and cross-country skiing on trails alongside Lapland’s unique fauna.
  • The picturesque fishing village Skärhamn, on the island of Tjörn where one can enjoy fresh-caught seafood and experience international art at Nordiska Akvarellmuseet.
  • The coastal town of Kallax in Norrbotten, where visitors can cruise between thousands of small islands during summer nights lit by the midnight sun, as well as partake in one of Sweden’s more “aromatic” culinary traditions during the town’s annual fermented herring parties.
  • Lake Toftan in Dalarna offers canoeing, and art enthusiasts can visit a lakeside house once owned by artists Karin and Carl Larsson, known for their impact on Swedish interior design.

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Source: Visit Sweden

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