In the heart of the Kenyan capital lies Tribe Hotel – a 5-star luxury haven founded by the dynamic duo of Shamim and Hooman Ehsani. The two brothers have created a hotel that offers a unique blend of African authenticity, empowering hospitality and world-class luxury that sets it apart from all others in the heart of Kenya.

A tale of tradition and vision

In 2008, Tribe Hotel emerged as a response to the need for a 5-star luxury escape in Nairobi’s upscale diplomatic district. Founded by the Ehsani brothers, Tribe Hotel stands as a testament to African excellence and pride. The two siblings meticulously crafted their vision, addressing the shortcomings of conventional hotels and redefined the concept of hospitality.

A symphony of design and culture

Tribe Hotel boasts 128 rooms and a sprawling 10,000-sq.-ft. spa, seamlessly blending Africa and Kenya’s traditions with a touch of contemporary elegance. The interiors, envisioned by architect Mehraz Ehsani and designed by Les Harbottle, marry New York chic with an unmistakable African essence. The colour palette, rich in gold, black, white, and various earthy tones, creates a sensory experience that captivates every guest.

Experience African artistry

As you step into Tribe Hotel, you’re surrounded by a world-class collection of 900 African artworks and artifacts curated by Shamim’s mother, Faranak Ehsani. From rare bronze statues to clay and leatherwork, each piece tells a story of Africa’s rich cultural tapestry.

Luxury beyond imagination

Tribe Hotel‘s luxurious accommodations offer rain showers, capacious bathtubs, 300-thread-count sheets, and 40-inch LED Smart televisions. The Penthouse, Nairobi’s only celebrity suite, spans two levels and is a sanctuary of opulence with double-volume floor-to-ceiling windows and oversized couches.

A culinary journey at Jiko Restaurant

Indulge in Tribe Hotels acclaimed food and beverage offerings, particularly at Jiko Restaurant, where the flavours of Africa come alive. Every dish is a celebration of Kenya’s vibrant culinary heritage.

Adventure awaits with a helipad

Tribe Hotel goes above and beyond by providing a helipad, offering guests the opportunity to charter helicopters for breathtaking excursions to the Great Rift Valley, Maasai Mara, Mount Kenya and points beyond.

A commitment to Kenya and the environment

Tribe Hotel is more than just a luxury retreat; it’s a responsible custodian of Africa’s natural resources. The hotel collaborates with local Kenyan suppliers, supports charitable causes and spearheads eco-friendly initiatives, including recycling partnerships and tree planting projects.

Nairobi: Where urban meets wild

Explore Nairobi, the “Silicon Savanna,” where modern urban sophistication coexists with nature. With a national park within the city limits, Nairobi offers a unique blend of dynamic arts, entertainment and a compelling culinary and nightlife scene.

Kenya: A rising African gem

Beyond Nairobi, Kenya beckons with its wildlife safaris, legendary marathon runners, unspoiled beaches, and a rich cultural tapestry. Tribe Hotel serves as the perfect gateway to experience the beauty and diversity of this rising African nation.

Embark on a journey of luxury, culture, and adventure at Tribe Hotel. Book your reservation now and be a part of the Tribe that celebrates strength, pride, loyalty and belonging – a Tribe that transcends borders and welcomes you to the heart of Africa.

Source: Tribe Hotel

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