Based on photo book data, these are America’s most picturesque states

Ever wonder which are the most picturesque states in America? If you look at new data from Mixbook, travel photo books soared above the national average from 2018 to 2021 from the 20 picture perfect states listed below, and it’s no wonder considering that they all make for the perfect vacation destination.

  1. Utah

2. Colorado

3. Minnesota

4. Washington

5. Massachusetts

6. Oregon

7. California

8. New York

9. Illinois

10. Florida

Florida palm trees on the beach

11. New Jersey

12. Wisconsin

13. Virginia


14. Connecticut

15. Michigan

16. Maryland


17. Texas

18. Pennsylvania

19. Missouri

20. Iowa

From the lush mountains of the pacific northwest and the white sand beaches of Florida, to the most intriguing rock formations, evergreens, the Great Lakes, notable cities and so much more, these states encompass all of the things we love about U.S. travel and adventure, and their residents want to commemorate just that in photo books that will last a lifetime. What’s your favourite?



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