Antigua & Barbuda’s plus-size hotel featured on new Discovery+ series 

Cognizant of the stigmas faced by plus-size people just trying to enjoy their vacations, the eight-episode Discovery+ series “The Big Body Hotel” chronicles the journey of six plus-size individuals as they face their anxieties and challenge harmful misconceptions and stereotypes on an incredible tropical getaway. The program was hosted and filmed at Antigua and Barbuda’s very own Catamaran Hotel, which underwent an unbelievable transformation in order to provide a prejudice-free holiday to its new occupants.

A popular boutique hotel on the island, The Catamaran Hotel nevertheless decided to reimagine its Caribbean charm and generous accommodations to serve an entirely new cohort of travellers. In partnership with the Resort Foundation, an advocacy and educational group supporting the formation of positive body image, the hotel undertook the challenge of reinventing itself to serve the needs of a unique clientele.  As “The Big Body Hotel” unfolded in October and November of 2020, The Catamaran Hotel showcased its commitment to inclusive comfort through a sweeping set of changes including:

  • The retrofitting of beachfront rooms with expanded, reinforced wooden bed frames for comfort and security
  • The debut of solid-wood beach lounging chairs, specifically crafted to accommodate plus-size bodies
  • The renovation of suite bathrooms to include grab bars and rounded showers
  • The replacement of all seating at the Captain’s Quarters restaurant with large, wide wooden chairs

Though filming on the program has ended, The Catamaran Hotel’s commitment has not. The property continues to make upgrades to its rooms and facilities to better suit the needs of its plus-size guests and lead the conversation on combating harmful stigmas about bigger bodies. For more information on what the Catamaran is doing in that regard, or just to see the beautiful property for yourself, you can visit

“The Big Body Hotel” is available via the Discovery+ Service now.

Source: Visit Antigua & Barbuda

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